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$750,000 for Prostate Cancer

On Wednesday evening Freemasons Victoria and the Freemasons Foundation Victoria Limited proudly presented a cheque for $750,000 to the Australian Prostate Cancer Research at their world leading North Melbourne clinic.

Attending the presentation were Freemasons Victoria's Grand Master MWBro. Don Reynolds and his partner Mya, Past Grand Master MWBro. Hillel Benedykt and his wife Sue and Grand Secretary RWBro. Peter Henshall. Joining them were a number of Freemasons Foundation Directors including Chairman Andre Clayton, Timothy Clark, Andrew Dexter, Ted Finch, Frank Fordyce, David Gibbs, Jane Hill, Myles King & Barry Minster.

The $750,000 committment over three years will be used to expand the services related to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of prostate cancer (CaP) provided to patients at the Day Procedure Centre, located at APCR’s Prostate Cancer Centre in Blackwood Street, North Melbourne.

Professor Tony Costello AM of APCR said he was thrilled that the Centre had been chosen as a recipient for a Freemasons Foundation grant.

“This generous donation will directly fund the new procedure wing at our North Melbourne clinic and provide equipment that will allow us to perform procedures in a single visit, fast tracking diagnosis and treatment thereby reducing the anguish men would typically experience from multiple visits,” he said.

Freemasons Victoria’s Grand Master MWBro. Don Reynolds said that many thanks need to go to Foundation Director Ted Finch who has been instrumental in ensuring this donation was made. “Freemasonry is an organisation of good men who care and are passionate about the welfare of the community, their friends and family. This donation is very important, and we are pleased to support APCR in providing these critical services,” he said.

After the presentation, guests were given a tour of the new ward by Volunteer Program Coordinator Penny Costello, and nurses, Bob Hale, Mia Percy and David Gray who provided an overview of the services currently provided in terms of consultancy and assessment processes, as well as equipment and facilities for client treatments.

APCR is a not-for-profit organisation whose vision is that ‘no man dies of prostate cancer’.Currently in Australia, 1 in 5 men will be diagnosed by the age of 85 with prostate cancer, with over 20,000 new cases diagnosed each year.

Australian men and their families are now able to be treated for prostate cancer in a holistic one-stop-shop environment. Men in a public outpatient setting in Victoria today will wait up to 8 months for their first consultation with a specialist. Through APCR’s research, education and treatment, it is making a significant impact for men with prostate cancer and their families, particularly those who do not have access to expert treatment.

For more information on the specialist services of APCR please

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