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In response to the 2019/2020 bushfires, Freemasons Foundation Victoria established ongoing Disaster Relief Funds in the two charitable trusts for recovery, reconstruction and prevention projects for the communities of Victoria impacted by disasters. 

Your donation enables the Disaster Relief Fund to provide valuable ongoing support to the community of Victoria.

Donations are pooled and invested with income and capital attributed accordingly. 

Whilst we can assist in short-term relief projects, with your ongoing support we can also provide support in the medium and longer term as people affected by disasters will still need support long after an event and publicity has disappeared.

Projects Supported:
  • Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project

  • Rochester Community House

  • Gippsland Farmers Relief

  • Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund

  • BlazeAid

  • The Man from Snowy River Bush Festival

  • Gippsland Lakes Community Health

  • Upper Murray Innovation Foundation

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83676785_854287625000424_4736704832717455360_o shed destruction.jpg
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