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Connecting Communities through Music: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s Regional Touring Program

With support from FFV, the MSO again brought enriching and meaningful musical experiences to communities across the State with it's Regional Touring Program in 2023.

Support from FFV enabled thousands of people in regional communities to access to cultural opportunities through mainstage gala concerts, school concerts and a program of wrap-around learning and engagement opportunities. In early 2023 alone, a program of school performances and workshops took place in Wangaratta and Shepparton, in addition to a side-by-side rehearsal with the Goulburn Valley Orchestra, a Classic Kids concert for schools in Bendigo and a gala concert with pre-concert talk in Ballarat, featuring internationally in-demand and highly celebrated Australian conductor Jessica Cottis.

An Evening with the MSO conducted by MSO Assistant Conductor Carlo Antonioli - Wangaratta 19/10/2022

The unique opportunity to work side-by-side with MSO’s worldclass musicians can be transformative for local orchestras.

Goulburn Valley Orchestra’s Music Librarian and Percussionist, Wade, states:

"The rehearsal with MSO was one of the best I have been to. Every person learned something from the whole experience, and it was just a brilliant rehearsal. I left there on an absolute cloud nine."

“I thoroughly enjoyed the rehearsal we had alongside members of the MSO, with Aaron Wyatt as conductor. Both Aaron and the members of the MSO were warm, encouraging and their presence was an inspiration. I felt that I had a much better understanding of the cello part and how it fit alongside the other parts of the orchestra and our playing as an ensemble was lifted to a new level. I am very grateful for the generosity of the MSO for their attendance at their rehearsal, the experience was invaluable.” - Orchestra Cellist, Emma


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