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Healthy Harold LIVE - more than a mascot

Through education, Life Education Victoria’s (LEV) programs aim to empower the next generation to make healthier and safer life decisions. They have been the leading provider of preventative health education for children and young people in Victoria for over forty years, and their nineteen age appropriate programs cover topics of Illicit Drugs and Alcohol, Respectful Relationships, Cyber-safety, Health and Nutrition, Sexual Health and Pre-School Aged Children.

LEV is one of many organisations that had to transition their service delivery models to adapt to COVID requirements. They have moved away from the conventional single van delivery model, and developed a ‘multiple touch point, 5 step learning journey’ which includes a live appearance of Healthy Harold in schools in order to drive higher impact and engagement.

Healthy Harold, the giraffe, is more than a mascot for LEV - he is recognisable to many from their own school years past – and he is the key to initiating excitement among the students and motivating them to learn about making healthy, smart choices for themselves.

Following the past two years of social and educational distance and disconnection, LEV want to give Healthy Harold a place in the spotlight to amplify the excitement and encourage students to change their habits and learn what’s best for their health and wellbeing.

There was still a need to be flexible in accordance with the needs of different schools, and so LEV’s program delivery methods include Mobile Learning Centres, in-classroom, pop up classrooms, virtual delivery, and online.

“Children need more than ever, after the last 2 years, to experience the magic of Harold in a LIVE experience."

- LEV grant application, 2021

FFV gave LEV a grant of $50,000 to purchase six Healthy Harold suits, and contribute to the ongoing delivery of the program, especially through travel and employment costs for the individuals who embody Harold. The program reaches approximately 80,000 children each year.

Lisa McCann, Community Partnership Manager at Life Education Victoria got in touch recently to share a wonderful video of the Healthy Harold Live Experience captured at Hoa Nghiem Buddhist College.

"Schools are continuing to enjoy our Healthy Harold Live experience," Lisa said.

She also told us about their new fundraising initiative, ‘Tour de Harold’ - a family friendly bike ride, through which they raised another $15,500 during their first ride at Wattle Glen in May. LEV wants to build this event in the future. Watch a video from the day here.


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