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FFV presents Scholarships to 101 students

We were pleased to celebrate some of the achievements of students across Victoria at Scholarship Presentation evenings in two locations. This year, FFV awarded Scholarships totalling $181,700 to 101 students. These awards were made up of Secondary scholarships of $600 or $1,500, and $5,000 Tertiary scholarships, as well as one $10,000 Tertiary Scholarship.

The first presentation evening was held in Gardenvale, Melbourne, on 30 May, and was attended by approximately 60 people. While the events have been more intimate than in pre-COVID years, there was the added bonus of having the time and space to meet and talk to the students and their families, including some proud parents and grandparents. Freemasons Victoria Grand Master, Richard Elkington, took time out of his busy schedule to attend the Gardenvale event and congratulate the students.

More than a quarter of the 101 students receiving this year’s scholarships attended schools in Maryborough in the Central Goldfields region. Because of this, our second presentation took place at the Maryborough Highland Society on 9 June. Around 120 people attended, helping create a great atmosphere. FFV’s top Tertiary award recipient Avoca’s Reagan Wardlaw, who attended Highview College, was also there. She will receive $10,000 per annum for the term of her three year tertiary course.

Ms Wardlaw told the Maryborough Advertiser that this will help her excel in her Bachelor Degree and hopefully pursue honours in the area of DNA research and cancer treatment at Federation University.

“When I was called and told I had been chosen as a successful applicant for the tertiary scholarship I was speechless, overjoyed and of course immensely grateful.

“This scholarship means that I can focus on my degree without any financial burdens.”

We thank all applicants for their interest in the Scholarships, and wish them continued success with their academic and professional goals.


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