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Innovative Solutions to Today’s Problems

Wouldn’t you love to be able to solve the world’s problems? Or just be involved with a group that works together with the same aims to come up with innovative solutions to issues such as poverty, homelessness and gender equality?

Since 2015, the Freemasons Foundation has supported UN Youth Victoria to do just that.

With substantial donations that have enabled students this opportunity, the Freemasons Foundation has enabled Victorian primary and secondary students to make it to the Grand Final.

UN Youth Victoria is part of a national organisation which aims to educate 15,000 students nationally each year about international issues and the role of the United Nations.

The recent UN Youth Victoria National Finals, held in Canberra and attended by Victorian students, was a great success with students providing original solutions to some of the problems that Australia faces.

By debate, discussion and advocacy they are preparing themselves to be the leaders of the future.

The Freemasons Foundation donated $39,000 towards the youth development programs, at $13,000 per year over three years.

For more information about the programs, visit:

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