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Western English Language School

When was the last time you went to the beach? Or visited a public swimming pool? Some of us take for granted that we can swim, or that water for leisure has always been accessible, but not for these kids.

Some of the children of the Western English Language School in Footscray have never had the opportunity to learn how to swim, let alone jump in a pool!

So a recent $5000 donation made by the Freemasons Foundation to support the school with the hire costs for a bus to enable the children to travel to swimming lessons at the Ascot Vale Swimming Centre is invaluable!

Teacher and coordinator Claire Kelly said that the donation has helped the school enormously.

“Without this funding, getting to the lessons just wouldn’t be possible.

We had no way of safely transporting the children to and from the Swimming Centre, and the additional cost to parents to support a hire bus was too much,” she said.

Representing the Freemasons Foundation WBro. Ted Finch, said he was more than happy to assist.

“More and more we hear about the need to teach children how to swim, and about safety in the water, from an early age. No child should miss out,” he said.

The Western English Language School is a unique facility that prepares students for participation in mainstream schooling and Australian society. It helps develop newly arrived students’ awareness and understanding of Australia as a multi-cultural society and provides a comprehensive, challenging and culturally inclusive curriculum that fosters acceptance and understanding of other cultures and beliefs.

Some of the students at the school have come from some of the most war torn countries in the world such as Syria, Sierra Leone, Sudan and Laos.

“We’re so grateful for the support of the Freemasons. The kids can now look forward to swimming lessons - 20 lessons throughout the year,” Claire said.

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