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Fundraising diversity benefits scholarships program

As the year swiftly progresses, Freemasons of the Central Goldfields district are once again mobilising their efforts to ensure the continuation and expansion of their annual Scholarships program. Behind this initiative are a multitude of creative fundraising endeavours, each contributing to cause of supporting education and opportunity for deserving students.

Back row: Noelle Mason, Jeni Melton, Julie Bilton, Ken Calder, Gail Hendrickson

Front row: Irene Allen, Helen Calder, Gwendy Jessup, (several members absent).

This year, the Freemasons Primary School Scholarships program, established in 2018, has received significant backing from diverse sources.

The Central Goldfields Lodge Ladies Lunch Group (Triple L’s) kickstarted the momentum with a generous donation, presenting $500. Spearheaded by Noelle Mason, Triple L’s serves as a beacon of support and an avenue to meet socially and cultivate friendships for the women associated with district masonic lodges.  This group has been especially valuable to ensure widows of local Freemasons stay in touch and feel part of the organisation and cared for.

The Freemasons' involvement in Maldon’s Annual Easter Monday Parade culminated in the successful Day of Unity at the Maldon Masonic Centre, which generating funds to bolster the scholarship initiative.

The outreach extends beyond traditional avenues, with innovative strategies like the Covid-era Pop-Up Shop at the Maryborough Masonic Centre, orchestrated by Triple L’s.

The Burgundy Ladies Group, affiliated with the Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Victoria, added their contribution of $250.00.

The Maryborough Highland Society is poised to make a significant impact through its Annual Community Support Night, scheduled for Friday, 21st June 2024, with proceeds earmarked to support the Central Goldfields Masonic Group's scholarship fund.

Even recycling efforts play a role, as Waste Recyclers of Victoria join the cause by accepting donated recycled containers, with special sponsorship days in the pipeline to further bolster fundraising.

Creswick Woolen Mills plan to continue their support through an upcoming fashion day and Mill tour.

These diverse avenues of fundraising underscore the community's collective determination to support education.

Since 2018, the number of awards presented each year has risen to 19 and the value of each to $300.00 including every Primary School from Wedderburn to Clunes and Amphitheatre to Castlemaine. 


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