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$1.8M Grant to Monash Children's Hospital

The Freemasons Foundation Victoria has announced a $1.8 million philanthropic grant to the soon to be completed Monash Children’s Hospital to purchase medical equipment and fit out wards in the provision of dedicated paediatric services to the Victorian community.

Members of the Freemasons community joined the Victorian Minister for Health, The Hon Jill Hennessy and staff today at the Monash Children’s Hospital for the announcement and a preview of the Freemasons Forest Ward.

Grand Master of Freemasons Victoria, Don Reynolds congratulated the Government and the management of the Monash Children’s Hospital, saying the new hospital design and range of services is both inspirational and a major community resource that would help meet the demand of the growing community.

Mr Reynolds said “Contributions to the $1.8 million grant by the Freemasons Foundation had been drawn from the fundraising efforts of Freemasons in Victoria over our 127 year history.”

Jane Sydenham-Clarke, CEO of Freemasons Victoria said the network of 254 Lodges throughout Victoria had also combined their activities with the Freemasons Foundation pledging over $2 million annually to community projects throughout Victoria.

“Freemasons Victoria has been pivotal in the development of the Freemasons Hospital and the Royal Freemasons Homes and has recently announced various health contributions to the Think Pink women's breast cancer service and Northern Health to purchase emergency resuscitation equipment for babies.

“Lodges are working on supporting hundreds of local community projects including many in the health area such as Treasured Babies with SIDS.”

Mr Andre Clayton, Chairman of The Freemasons Foundation Victoria said “The Foun

dation plays a pivotal role for members by assisting with engagement in men’s health issues, such as Australian Prostate Cancer Research. This is part of Freemasons Victoria’s major program to attract younger members whilst also providing assistance for our older members.”

Freemasonry is about good men supporting each other, their families and the community and has a deep history in philanthropy and compassion.

More than ever it is clear that many men need a Third Place in their life after their home life and work environments. For many men and their families, regular lodge meetings have been an important mechanism to keep in touch with friends and the wider community.

Ms Sydenham-Clarke said “This supportive fraternity can be particularly vital during difficult times in life but can also create an important network of likeminded friendships and a unique way to develop personally.”

More information on Monash Children's Hospital can be found at

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