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InterChange Outer East

InterChange Outer East (IOE) provides the care and support that some children may not get at home because they have a sibling with a mental or physical disability.

Much of the attention around the home is centred on the needs of the disabled child, and the brother or sister may at times feel left out, unimportant or ignored. But InterChange Outer East offers group activities, camps and opportunities to talk with others of the same age group who may share similar experiences.

Freemasons Victoria recently visited InterChange Outer East in Ferntree Gully to find out how the organisation was progressing and to contribute another $20,000 towards its programs.

Coordinator Fred Brumhead said that it’s so important that children know there is always an outlet. “Some parents have been taking their kids to IOE for years now. There is no other program like it in Victoria,” he said.

Freemasons Victoria’s RWBro. Keith Thornton, who took time out of his morning Palates class, to take part in the presentation, said that he was proud to be able to raise the funds for the Program.

“When we Freemasons Victoria began assisting IOE about six years ago, we were able to donate $10,000. It is such a pleasure to be able to have doubled that and donate $20,000 this year,” he said.

Therapist and Program Coordinator Laura West said that the funds will enable the organisation to provide trips for the kids, when ‘getting away’ otherwise would be near-on impossible.

In presenting the cheque, Program Coordinator Jenna Tatterson returned the gesture, giving WBro. Lionel May a beautiful glass plaque inscribed with InterChange Outer East’s thanks for the many years of support that has been shown by Freemasons Victoria.

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