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April at The Shrine of Remembrance: the Role of Young Ambassadors

The Shrine of Remembrance stands as Victoria’s foremost tribute to the service and sacrifice of Australian men and women in times of war and peacekeeping. Its mission to instil respect and honour for the contributions of defence personnel extends to fostering future leaders through its Young Ambassador program.

The Young Ambassadors act as the voices of future generations at the Shrine, playing significant roles in major ceremonial events such as Anzac Day and Legacy Day, and participating in the monthly ceremonies. Their responsibilities include greeting visitors, engaging with individuals of diverse backgrounds and ages to enhance the Shrine experience, and supporting family holiday programs during school breaks.

Freemasons Foundation Victoria (FFV) has a longstanding relationship with the Shrine, and is currently funding the Young Ambassadors program for three years.

Highlights from a Busy April

April has been a particularly busy month for the Young Ambassadors, offering numerous opportunities for them to develop their skills and make significant contributions to the Shrine’s mission.

Anzac Day Dawn Service: Halima Chowdary delivered a poignant reading of ‘In Flanders Fields’ to an audience of 40,000 during the Anzac Day Dawn Service.

Legacy’s Annual ANZAC Commemoration Service: Liana Loney, serving as Torchbearer, was escorted by a tri-service party as she proceeded up the Shrine Forecourt. This event saw 3,500 students from across Victoria gather for the Legacy Student Service, where Liana’s role highlighted the importance of youth engagement in commemorative practices.

April School Holiday Program: Selina Shen assisted young participants in crafting their own paper Spitfires during the family program 'Planespotting,' Connecting and inspiring children and families is part of the role of Young Ambassadors in making the Shrine a welcoming and educational space for all visitors.

Looking Forward

As the Young Ambassador program continues, we look forward to seeing more outstanding contributions from these dedicated young individuals. Their efforts ensure that the values of commemoration and remembrance are upheld and passed on to future generations.



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