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2015 Annual General Meeting

On Wednesday 11th November the Trustees, Directors, Committee Members and Guests from the Board of General Purposes met at the Annual General Meeting of Freemasons Foundation Victoria Limited, held at Coppin Hall within the Royal Freemasons complex in Melbourne.

Those present included all five of the trustees, being Grand Master MWBro. Hillel Benedykt, Deputy Grand Master RWBro. Don Reynolds and Past Grand Master MWBro. Bob Jones, RWBro. Dr. John Maynard PDGM and RWBro. George Sutherland PDGM.

The trustees had reviewed the activities and governance during the previous twelve month period, following the most significant restructuring of the charitable aspect of Victorian Freemasonry in over 125 years.

A number of items were discussed in detail including the future aims and challenges faced by the organisation for the ensuing year.

The overwhelming consensus was that the first year had many successes and the foundation had established a strong base to take the organisation forward in the right direction.

In closing the meeting the Chairman of Trustees, MWBro. Hillel Benedykt, thanked the Directors and Committee Members for the work they had put in during the past 12 months.

Financial reports have been published on this website, which outline relevant and necessary information for the public's viewing.

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