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Mr. Peter Henshall married to Sharon with two children, Peter has been a Freemason for 40 years.


Professionally, Peter held a number of senior accounting and commercial positions in both the manufacturing and services sectors, including Grand Secretary and CEO of Freemasons Victoria, which he held for six years until his retirement in December 2016.


Masonically, Peter was initiated into Lodge of Tradition becoming its Master in 1987.  He has been the Grand Treasurer, Senior Grand Warden and Grand Secretary.  He has also served on the Finance Committee of Freemasons Victoria, its Board of General Purposes, its former Board of Benevolence and was a director of the former Freemasons Public Charitable Foundation.  Peter also remains active in his Craft, Mark and Chapter Lodges.


He has a strong relationship with Royal Freemasons, serving on its Board and Committees for nearly 20 years, including Chairman of Directors.


Recreationally, Peter led his local Church of England Boys Society and enjoys playing golf and following cricket and AFL football.

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