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If you appreciate the values and work of Freemasons Foundation Victoria, a simple way to help us continue our work within the community is by making a bequest as part of your Will.


Making a bequest today will not change your bank balance tomorrow.


Making a bequest is simple; you can add a codicil to your existing Will, there is no need to re-write your Will.

A bequest may take the form of the whole or any portion of your estate or a specific sum of money. You may wish to discuss the matter of a bequest with your family or seek advice from your solicitor if desired.

You can direct your bequest to support the following:

  • Student/Education Awards

  • Disaster/Emergency Relief 

  • Health Projects & Medical Research

  • Indigenous Programs 

  • Community Development 

  • Youth Development 

  • Trustee Discretion

Already included a gift in your Will?

If you’ve already included a gift in your Will to Freemasons Foundation Victoria we would be grateful if you would let us know and complete the bequest pledge form. 

Knowing you have included a gift in your Will gives us the chance to personally thank you for your generous support in your lifetime while keeping you up-to-date with our work.

For further information on making a bequest to Freemasons Foundation Victoria please call Neil Cripps today on (03) 8535 4780 or enter your details below to receive an information pack and call back.

Enter your details below to receive an information pack and call from our team:
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