Named Sub-Funds

Freemasons Foundation Victoria offers an opportunity to preserve your donation or bequest and provide a long-term gift to your chosen charity in years to come via the creation of a Named Sub-Fund.

A Named Sub-Fund can be established in either of the two charitable trusts of which Freemasons Foundation Victoria is a trustee: 

The Freemasons Public Charitable Foundation (FPCF) is a public ancillary fund endorsed as an item 2 Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). All grants from FPCF must be made to item 1 DGR charities. 

Freemasons Benevolent Fund (FBF) is a charity, endorsed as income tax exempt. Donations to the fund are not tax deductible. 

The benefits of a Named Sub-Fund

  1. Donations to the Freemasons Public Charitable Foundation are tax deductible

  2. Long term gifts to your chosen charities

  3. We manage the investment, governance and administration

  4. Low Fees - 0.6%

  5. Families, friends, Lodges and businesses can contribute to your fund or establish their own

  6. The Funds are Income Tax Exempt

  7. Can create a legacy in perpetuity from your bequest

How does Named Sub-Funds work?

The minimum amount required to established a Named Sub-Fund with Freemasons Foundation Victoria is $2,000. Once established, the funds within your Named Sub-Fund are pooled and invested with income and capital attributed accordingly. You can commence granting when the balance reaches $11,000. While investment returns help to grow your balance, anyone can make donations into your Named Sub-Fund. Freemasons Foundation Victoria online donation portal provides a quick, easy and secure way of contributing to your Named Sub-Fund. 

For further information about Named Sub-Funds please refer to the "Named Sub-Funds Agreement". To apply download the "Application Form". For further discussion please contact Neil Cripps at (03) 8535 4780 or email

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