Masonic Education

Freemasons Foundation Victoria may approve, under the terms of its Trust Deed, assistance to Victorian Craft Lodges to support them in contributing to the education of children in local schools through means of a Masonic Education Support Grant.

As a general guide, the support can be awarded on the basis of academic achievement or financial need.

Lodge Support Grants

Freemasons Foundation Victoria will assist Victorian Craft Lodges whenever possible, in their philanthropic activities within their local community in the areas of Health & Medical Research, Community Development, Education, Youth Development Programs and Indigenous Programs. Please ensure that your cause is a not-for-profit organisation. 

Suggested Charitable Causes:

Health & Medical Research                  

  • Medical Equipment and Fit Outs

  • Research Programs

  • Mental Health Programs

  • Health and Wellbeing Programs 

  • Preventative Illness Programs

Community Development 

  • Emergency Relief

  • Young Parent Programs

  • Community Facilities 

  • School Breakfast Programs

  • Social Inclusion Programs

  • Volunteer Emergency Services


  • School Relief Programs

  • School Mentoring Programs

Youth Development Programs

  • Scout/Guides

  • Health Programs

  • Mentoring Programs

  • Leadership Programs

  • Cultural and Art Programs

  • Support Services

  • Assisted Needs Programs

  • Participation Programs


Indigenous Programs

  • Mentoring Programs

  • Leadership Programs

  • Cultural and Art Programs

A total of $500,000 is available to Lodges to apply for grants. The maximum value a Lodge can apply for annually is $20,000 to support local community organisations.

Please note: Projects already completed, repayment of cost already incurred and the advancement of sport, recreation or social activities are not considered charitable by the Australian Tax Office and are regrettably unable to be supported within this specific program. The Foundation will not fund a project designed to benefit an individual or a family

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