Financial Assistance

Freemasons Foundation Victoria is able to provide financial relief to current members of Freemasons Victoria and their dependants or former registered members of Freemasons Victoria and their dependants who are in financial need or require other support which cannot be provided by Government or other agencies.

The amount and scope of assistance will be determined on a case by case basis.

The Foundation does not provide relief or assistance for: 

  • Business Debt 

  • Credit Card

  • Gambling Debt

  • Bank Overdrafts 

  • Payment of Loans

An application for assistance must include supportive evidence and should not be discussed in open Lodge, however must be examined for accuracy and be supported by the Worshipful Master, the Lodge Secretary and the Lodge Almoner. 

Any application containing unsupported, false or misleading information will not be considered under any circumstances by Freemasons Foundation Victoria Limited. 

The Executive Officer at the Foundation must be consulted in all instances where an application for assistance is being considered. 

For further information please contact Neil at (03) 8535 4780 or email

Freemasons Foundation Victoria Limited 
A.C.N 159 528 122 

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