One of the most important aspects of Freemasonry is Charity, which is a tenet we learn at the beginning of our Masonic career. As the charitable arm of Victorian Freemasonry, the Foundation is the philanthropic face for all the brethren within our local communities. It goes without saying that we can only carry out the tremendous work we do within the community with the assistance of Victorian Lodges and the generous giving by our brethren. 

To assist us to invest in programs and initiatives that are expected to provide stronger and healthier communities and by supporting individuals through access to education by donating to Freemasons Public Charitable Foundation or Freemasons Benevolent Fund. 

Click here to donate to Freemasons Foundation Victoria


If you appreciate the values and work of Freemasons Foundation Victoria, a simple way to help us continue our work within the community is by making a bequest as part of your Will.

A bequest may take the form of the whole or any portion of your estate or a specific sum of money. You may wish to discuss the matter of a bequest with your family or seek advice from your solicitor if desired.


For further information on making a donation or bequest to Freemasons Foundation Victoria Limited please contact us.

Name Sub-Funds

Provide a long-term gift to your charity and create a Named Sub-Fund. Click here for more information.

Freemasons Foundation Victoria Limited 
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